Purify and harmonize the waters within and connect to the consciousness of water on our Planet…

Heal the waters within yourself and bring healing to the Earth.

The Water Keepers Community is dedicated to restoring health and harmony to our planetary ecosystem by focusing on healing the human relationship to water and the natural world.


Dr. Elizabeth Gutierrez

Join Dr. Elizabeth Gutierrez on her sacred journey to restore the waters of our Planet to their pure and natural state by working with the waters within our own human bodies. Through her unique ability to connect with the consciousness of water and be intuitively guided to what needs cleaning, clearing and healing in our human circulatory system,she helps restore purity, harmony, balance and flow in our personal bodies of water and our connection to the bodies of water on our Planet.

Why Water?

Water is the ultimate carrier of information between all parts of the body and the Earth’s ecosystem. Water has consciousness, memory, and an intelligence of its own. Our human bodies are over 70% water, and our brains are composed of up to 85% water.  Neurons transmit electrical signals through water, and the cells of our bodies communicate with one another and us through water.  When we can learn how to listen to this language of water, we embody the wisdom of water, and our lives become natural expressions of our unique healthy selves and we contribute to the vitality and biodiversity of our Planet. 

Come to the Water Keepers Oasis

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A sacred sanctuary where you can come home to the waters and feel held and embraced, the place your heart and soul have always remembered existed, and has longed to return to, but you didn't know how to find, until now. Rest, you have arrived. You are here. You are safe. You are welcome. You are loved.

What will you find in the Water Keepers Oasis

A Sacred Sanctuary:

This is a safe and loving home held in  the highest vibration of Divine Love. When you are feeling restless or alone or scared, you can come to this home and drink deeply from this Oasis of love and spiritual connection and wisdom and feel rejuvenated to continue along your life’s journey.

Tools to Awaken your Body’s Water Consciousness:

Access the library of Meditations, Guided Healings, Activations, and Channeled Messages to facilitate your soul’s journey home to yourself and Divine Love and oneness with all that is..

A Supportive Tribe:

Connect with like-minded and heart-centered souls who are also on their own sacred journeys home. We are Earth and Water Warriors committed to our own growth and devoted to the health and future of our Planet.

Wisdom Spotlights:

We invite and collaborate with guest expert teachers, healers, indigenous elders and scientists to learn from all.

About Us

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