"Come to the Waters"

Wisdom of Water Healing Event

Friday April 23, 2021 9am PST

Meet Your Waterkeeper

I am a psychiatrist, somatic therapist, and intuitive energy healer devoted to the work of human ecological restoration. I am a water keeper for the human soul. I have a sacred commitment to water, to be a messenger for water, as well as a keeper of water, to restore the waters of our planet to its pure, pristine natural state. 

 Alongside my water warriors doing the work of cleaning up toxins and pollutions in the waterways of our creeks, rivers, and oceans, I have been tasked with cleaning up the internal waterways of the human collective, cleansing, purifying and releasing the toxins and blockages that have long dammed up the waters within the human body and and limited our full and natural expression. I purify the hearts, minds, and bodies of human waterways so that humans can come back into harmony with our own waters and the waters of our Planet. Once human hearts, minds, and bodies have been purified, the waters of our planet will be restored through collective human action.

 I work directly with the consciousness and wisdom of water to guide others to live in harmony with their own waters and the waters of our Planet. You can connect with me at www.lizgtzmd.com

Elizabeth Gutierrez MD


Clean and Clear out your Waters

During this group healing event, I will facilitate a healing and purification for the internal waterways of every participant. I use an anatomical approach to clear out the physiological and energetic blockages and debris in our physical body, as well as directly enter the waters of the circulatory system to restore the state of water in each of our cells and tissues to their pure pristine natural state. This process will allow you to access and embody greater health and vitality, and also contribute to the restoration of our planetary waters.

Benefits of Water Healing and Purification:




My session with Elizabeth was deeply relaxing and provided insights that were profound and at the same time difficult to describe. My time with her felt like a journey to discover the wisdom of my body’s water at a cellular level. Through the visualisation process led by her, I felt how my own water is connected with the ebb and flow of the planet’s body of water. There was something uniquely grounding and reassuring about this experience. Describing her practice as human ecological restoration work, she guided me to connect with the rhythm of my own water using liquid golden light. Feeling part of the pulsing tide of the planet was really quite magical. Thank you, Elizabeth. I can’t wait to see how this beautiful modality continues to develop in your capable hands.

– Wendy Prior


My water healing session with Liz was a transformative experience. I have worked with many counselors and personal growth healers for wellness. For me, clearing the blocks that limit us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually are the keys to reclaiming the beautiful lives we all deserve. My goals were to use meditative techniques in concert with water to help me clear old limiting beliefs. This session was different from standard therapy in that Liz guided me to connect with my larger field of consciousness where emotional blocks can be much more easily cleared and integrated. I recommend Liz’s sessions using a more integrated approach in a nurturing and caring setting to free one from these limitations.

– Jude T

Come to the Waters & Register Wisdom of Water Healing Event on Friday April 23, 2021 9am PST