Dive Deeper into Wellness: Discover the Transformative Power of Blue Health

Embark on a Journey to Reconnect with Nature’s Most Potent Healer: Water

Exclusive Blue Health webinar is on Friday April 19 at 9am PST


Is Water the Missing Element in Your Quest for Health and Happiness?

In an era where stress is rampant and disconnection from nature is all too common, the solution to a more balanced and fulfilling life lies in the ancient wisdom of the world’s blue spaces. It’s time to immerse yourself in the healing power of water and unlock a new dimension of well-being.

Introducing Our Exclusive Workshop on Blue Health

This one-of-a-kind workshop unveils the untapped potential of water to enhance our physical and emotional health. Through a blend of scientific discoveries and age-old wisdom, we’ll explore how being near water can profoundly impact our happiness and well-being.

Exclusive Blue Health webinar is on Friday April 19 at 9am PST

What you will learn in this Masterclass?

Why This Workshop Will Change Your Life?

 “Designed for those drawn to the calming embrace of water, eager to hear the latest scientific Blue Health research data, learn about the indigenous-led Water Back movement., or looking for natural ways to improve emotional well-being, this workshop is a gateway to rediscovering your innate connection to water and nature”.

And That's Not All - Exclusive Bonus for Participants!


 Upon registration, you’ll receive exclusive access to the FREE Bonus worth $49, “Restore Your Body of Water” prepared by Dr. Elizabeth Nguyen to reconnect to your own body of water and restore the natural flow of water inside of you and to awaken and reconnect your body to all the natural elements inside of it – fire, water, earth, and air. Your journey to better health starts now. Come Join the Blue Health tribe

Meet Your webinar Host Dr. Elizabeth Nguyen.

Hi! I’m Dr. Elizabeth Nguyen. I’m a board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, author, and Water Keeper who has been a Blue Health practitioner my whole life before there was a recognized term for this body of innate wisdom.

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and have a soul-level spiritual connection to the ocean and the waters that I now incorporate into my holistic psychiatry practice and energy healing work in the Water Keepers Community.

I recently published my first novel “Aloha Vietnam” that shares more about the healing powers of water. I am excited to tap into this ancient wisdom in our planet’s waters and share with you all how to incorporate this into your modern lives for physical and emotional health and well-being.

Join the Wave of Transformation

Secure your place in our transformative Blue Health workshop and start your journey toward a life of greater harmony, health, and happiness. Embrace this unique opportunity to reconnect with water, nature’s most powerful healer.

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Don’t let this tide of change pass you by. Register today and receive your exclusive access to the “Restore Your Body of Water” online course to start you on your journey for a profound transformation in your health and well-being.

Exclusive Blue Health webinar is on Friday April 19 at 9am PST

Step into the Flow with Blue Health. Join us as we explore the multidimensional benefits of reconnecting with water, and experience the power of this ancient healer in your modern life.